GNC Women’s Branding

When GNC was getting ready to launch a new line of products catered specifically to women’s wellness needs at any and all stages of life, they tasked me and a small team of designers with developing five distinct brand stories they could put into testing. 
Branding + Strategy + Creative Direction + Copywriting

SGK Connect Sell-In Video

Known mostly for their ability to build impactful creative brand moments for their clients, SGK discovered that there was an impressive, valuable part of their business that wasn’t getting enough attention: SGK Connect.
Creative Direction + Copywriting

HomeAgain Pet Chip Campaign

How do you inspire people to microchip their pets without leaning too heavily on fear tactics? That was the challenge from Merck’s HomeAgain brand when they approached SGK and myself to develop their latest print campaign designed to inspire new subscriptions.
Creative Strategy + Concepting + Copywriting

Wigle Cocktail Content

To experiment with some new equipment that Fiore Story Works LLC had recently acquired, we grabbed a bottle of Wigle Port Rye and set up shop in my kitchen to create a quick blast of social content…and yeah, a couple of delicious cocktails, too.
Creative Direction + Video/Audio Production

GNC Amazon Enhanced Brand Content

In one of the first projects handed to me when I began working with GNC as a freelance Associate Creative Director, they had me developing deeper, more engaging storytelling for a long list of products on Amazon.
Creative Direction + Copywriting

IDL Worldwide Voice + Positioning

As the retail landscape rapidly evolved over the past few years, one of the biggest players in the experiential marketing game reached out to me for help in sharpening their brand so they could stand out from a growing sea of hungry competition.
Branding + Strategy + Copywriting + Creative Direction

7Eleven Music Menu Boards

As music festivals grew in popularity, 7-Eleven asked SGK and myself to develop refreshed cafe menu boards that nodded along to the beat of the cultural pulse. It may not have been one of the biggest gigs I’ve ever had, but as a music lover, it was certainly a lot of fun to write. 

Kimberly-Clark Sales Campaigns

One of my first freelance gigs after leaving American Eagle was with NYC’s Lighthouse Creative Works. Together, we worked on a few years’ worth of sales incentive campaigns for the Kimberly-Clark corporation. Usually centered around a trip to some adventurous tropical locale, the creative was always a blast to develop.
Concepting + 

ASICS GEL Campaign Strategy

With the domestic launch of the GEL-NIMBUS 21, ASICS had a challenge on their hands. Not only were they in the midst of a broader national campaign (I MOVE ME), but they also had to base their new creative within a campaign concept designed for an earlier European launch (WHAT THE GEL). They needed a story that tied these two ideas together, while re-contextualizing the WHAT THE GEL narrative for an American audience.
Creative Strategy + Concepting + Copywriting

GNC Brand Voice + Positioning

Over the years, GNC has launched a lot of brands (even brands within brands). When they took a timeout to reevaluate their own space in the wellness category, they tasked me with developing an ownable, exciting position for them to move forward with as a broader entity.
Branding + Positioning + Strategy + Copywriting

AEO Skinny Skinny Campaign

In the very first of what would become an annual tradition at American Eagle, we played a little April Fools’ joke on our customer base. At the height of the skinny jean craze, we worked with College Humor to create a new product launch for the ultimate skinny jean–a jean so skinny, it’s literally sprayed on. (You’d be surprised how many people bought it.)
Branding + Copywriting

Giant Eagle PerksPlus! Campaign

Regional grocery chain Giant Eagle’s FuelPerks! program had been around (and unchanged) long enough that, if you mentioned it to any local, they knew exactly what it was. And that was great–until they had to educate customers on a major shake-up to the program.
Concepting + Copywriting + Creative Direction

Cumberland Farms Promo Signage

Cumberland Farms wanted something new and different when it came to how they handled their in-store summer promo signage. Something impossible to ignore as business-as-usual. Something out of the box. Looking back on what IDL Senior Designer Eli Kasan and I came up with, I think it’s fair to say they approached the right two people.
Concepting + Copywriting + Creative Direction

AE Break Free Campaign

One of my favorite parts of working as the lead copywriter at American Eagle for a few years was the seasonal campaigns. For Spring Break 2012, I approached Creative Director Keith Keegan with a manifesto I’d jotted on the back of a brief. A few months (and countless hours of work) later, AE Break Free came to life as a multi-channel international campaign. 
Branding + Strategy + Copywriting