Strategy & Copywriting

In Spring of 2023, Project Rock (Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s brand with Under Armour) created a new collection inspired by his former high school in Hawaii. But with just weeks left before the collection’s shoot date, few details about the upcoming campaign had been developed beyond its setting—Honolulu’s McKinley High itself. In fact, due to scheduling conflicts, even The Rock’s involvement in the shoot was still up in the air.  SGK was hired to help set the look, feel, and overall story for the campaign. And for the story part, SGK brought me in. 

Working alongside SGK’s Casey Hawes, we came up with PROVING GROUND, a campaign that connected the collection’s main inspiration point to The Rock’s own “One Day or Day One” mentality.  Our ask also included concepting the hero video, assuming The Rock wouldn’t be able to participate. We pitched several ideas that met the ask, but we added one that would only require some quick voice-over work from DJ. In the end, the must-shoot concept was clear. And The Rock made time in his schedule to help us dramatize the moment when a young Dwayne Johnson first heard the call of something greater inside himself.